Kikomo P

Kikomo P

fri / NOV 9TH 5 PM
Temppeliaukio church (Lutherinkatu 3)

Timothy Page

Chicago-born composer, musician, and performance artist Timothy Page creates works that revolve around play with style and context, body, physical materials, and space. Page holds degrees from the Sibelius Academy and the University of Chicago, and is a founder and co-director of Dayjob - a Helsinki-based collective devoted to investigating meeting points between contemporary music and performance art.

Hypha - for piano and violin (2016)

Hypha explores some of the percussive potentials of the piano via tightly choreographed movements inside the instrument. The resultant sound world is traded back and forth between piano and violin, set against contrasting melodic material moving in a different tempo, and windows into yet another universe, which open wider as the piece progresses.