The oldest continuously running music event in the Nordic countries returns to Helsinki with the theme ‘Diversity is Unity’ and a nod to Scotland.


Every year, each of the Nordic countries in turn has the opportunity to roll out a magnificent showcase of current trends in contemporary composition for hungry audiences. As there are five Nordic countries, each country only gets to do this every five years. Now, this November, it is Finland’s turn.

There is no other event in the world that brings together such a large number and broad range of contemporary composers of art music as the Nordic Music Days. Lasting only four days, the festival is tightly packed yet manages to incorporate all manner of collisions with visual arts, very free jazz and prog rock. More than 40 composers are featured.

Last year, it was Sweden’s turn to host the event, and in an unprecedented twist the Swedes decided to take the show on the road to London. Finland, not to be outdone, is extending a similar geographical handshake in a gesture of solidarity to ‘Brexit losers’ – Scotland.The Avanti! Chamber Orchestra performs the Clarinet Concerto of Scottish composer Helen Grime at its festival concert.


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This festival has been held since 1888, less regularly in the 20th century but annually since the 2000s.


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