Thomas Bjelkeborn (credit: Viktor Zeidner) / Koray Tahiroglu (credit: Thomas Bjelkeborn)

Thomas Bjelkeborn (credit: Viktor Zeidner) / Koray Tahiroglu (credit: Thomas Bjelkeborn)



(see below for their Roles as performers)

Thomas Bjelkeborn is part of the contemporary music scene since 1988, primarily established as EAM composer for international festivals, often in the context of residencies at prominent music institutions. In his work, he often investigates the relationship between traditional acoustic instruments and its electronic extensions, where new physical-digital instruments often are combined with advanced audiovisuals to explore music beyond known horizons.

Koray Tahiroglu is an internationally known electronic musician and research fellow in the Department of Media, Aalto University, Helsinki. He is leading the Sound and Physical Interaction research group, coordinating several projects including embodied approaches to sonic interaction, participative music experience, multimodal physicality in sound and interaction. This year he was awarded a 5-year Academy of Finland Research Fellowship.

The duo KET is Thomas Bjelkeborn (Sweden) and Koray Tahiroglu (Finland). Their work is at the front of contemporary soundart with performances all over the globe. Both do artistic research in human interfaced computer aided interaction for live audiovisual performance at Studio84 and Fylkingen in Stockholm and at Sound and Physical Interaction research group, Aalto University, Helsinki. KET conversations is their first joint artistic work.

KET conversations

KET conversations is a audiovisual crosspoint for the oldest and the hypermodern, an expression for sublime artistic emotions, evoked by old sung words, high-tech contemporary music composition and live video. A song from Siberia sung on the ancient language KET is reshaped in realtime to excite emotions and ideas of transcendent rituals and art.

Listen and watch (the latter with only the live sound and the live video of the performance):