self portrait with timer

self portrait with timer



A composition at its best has everything. The entire life in a single moment. This is how composer Sauli Zinovjev (b. 1988) sees it. Zinovjev composes music that conveys vast emotions. The kind of music which also made him a composer. Until the age of sixteen, he played in a rock band. Practised the guitar and skateboarded. Then he saw a clip online with György Cziffra performing Liszt. “It was as if wallpaper had been torn off the wall revealing a window to an open landscape. The euphoria and the virtuoso performance left a fanatic impression on me. To have the ability to inject so much art into a single moment. The entire spectrum of life.” Zinovjev uses classical music to make his view of the world intelligible. To convey it – life – to others.

A Due - for flute and guitar (2016)

”I always had to turn from paths. It is a seashore.

Looking as it is, deserted, in a lost condition. But your boat is hardened, petal is the shelter, sleek as water.

In you with the birds and on the distant waters the glitter of the day.

In the earths bowl this is the feed of the water. What it ties, it rapidly releases."

- Mirkka Rekola (translated by S.Z.)