Tanja Svala

Tanja Svala

SAt / NOV 10TH 6 PM
tiivistämö (suvilahti district building no. 5)

SAmi klemola

Sami Klemola (b. 1973) is a composer and a sound artist from Helsinki. Klemola's compositions include orchestral, chamber and electroacoustic music, opera, music for dance, theatre and circus with addition of several sound installations. Klemola teaches composition and programming at Sibelius-Academy Helsinki and is an artistic director of defunensemble, a contemporary electroacoustic ensemble based in Helsinki.

Concrete - for two violins, viola and cello (2013)

”The refrigerator was silent for a while and started making noise again. Is the new noise identical, or is it not the same noise it previously was? I will take into the text a concept of an “agent” which doesn’t mean a physical sound producing element but a series of sounds that hearing links together. The sound of the refrigerator is an “agent”, that consists of sounds that follows each other in time and are called the “noise sections”. If the sound of the refrigerator has essentially changed, I consider that something has happened to the agent and its not clear that the same agent is present anymore." quote: Erkki Kurenniemi: Äänten teoria ('Theory of sounds')