Minttu Saarni

Minttu Saarni

THU / NOV 8TH 7:30 PM
Amos Rex (Lasipalatsi square, Bio Rex)

Olli moilanen

Olli Moilanen (b. 1987) is a Finnish composer. He emphasizes improvising with all sorts of instruments as a powerful source of ideas for compositions and developing a personal musical language. Although Moilanen has recently focused on writing chamber music, he has a large repertoire of choral music, which has lead him to collaborate with leading contemporary poets in Finland. Moilanen studies composition in Sibelius-Academy with Juhani Nuorvala.

Ruskan värjäämät lehdet - for mixed choir (2017)

I'd like to thank my friend Tessa Horila for introducing me to The Great Fool some years ago. The sincere and humane poems of the Zen Buddhist monk Ryōkan Taigu have become very important to me. I thought that the best way for me to honour Ryōkan is to compose some of his beautiful poems.