Bodil A Bolstad

Bodil A Bolstad

Temppeliaukio church (lutherinkatu 3)

Magnus Bunnskog

Magnus Bunnskog works as dramaturg and artistic director at Audiorama. He has a specific interest for the relation between voice, performativity and music. As a member of the Albatross Theatre in the early 90s, touring Europe and West Africa with a number of productions, he studied radio and film production, writing, and eventually got degrees in Theatre Studies at the Stockholm University, and music composition at the Royal College of Music and CNSMD of Lyon, France.

TRAUM - a chamber opera (libretto: Katarina Frostenson)

A HE and a SHE decorate a room, redecorate it, with constant repeats. The repetition sometimes gives them a jerky, mechanical expression. At some times they act like dolls that speak and do, speak and do and deliver, day in and day out. There is no cynisism behind this, not even irony. This is the way it is. The Absurd is factual, really.