Per Rasmussen

Per Rasmussen

TIIVISTÄMÖ (suvilahti district building no. 5, kaasutehtaankatu 1)

Loïc Destremau

Loïc Destremau (b. 1992) is a Danish-French composer working in the space between instrumental and multimedia constellations ranging from chamber music and orchestral installations to solo and sight specific performances. Works from the past few years focus on merging core musical premises with extra- and super-musical elements in perception situations with sound and source, often including play-back, video, home-made instruments and preparations 


COM unTIME (2015)

The work is a set-together of several ready-made fragments from various musical genres from a variety of times. The musical development inspects the control precision of the clear musical references to the collage samples - starting off with strong references disintegrating into micro-fragments which twist the musical material into macro-gestures and dissolves the references.