Søren Ottosen

Søren Ottosen

Fri / NOV 9TH 7 PM
Temppeliaukio church (Lutherinkatu 3)

Lars Klit

In 1999 his opera The Last Virtuoso had its first international production in Berlin under the title Der Letzte Virtuose, at the Berlin Chamber Opera. This was followed by productions at the Staatstheater Darmstadt in the year 2000 and at Theater Regensburg in 2012. Parallel to the operas he has continued his chamber production, of which The Faded Garden from 2018 is an example worth mentioning.

Furui Obakeyashi ('The Old Haunted House') - for sinfonietta (2015/16)

The inspiration for the work has its roots in 2012 with the Regensburg production of my opera Der Letzte Virtuose. Particularly, it all came out of the Japanese angle of the staging, which at times could almost be perceived as a backdrop to a Japanese horror movie.