Anna Julia Granberg

Anna Julia Granberg

G liVelab (Yrjönkatu 3)

Jan Martin Smørdal

As a former band musician, especially two topics give colour to my compositional work: the dynamics between the individual and the group, and the relationship between rhythm and pulse. Over the past couple of years, my works have strongly been inspired by swarm phenomena, flocking, and emergent behaviour.

All Play - for video, tape, flute, clarinet, piano and cello (2014)

In this piece Grønvold’s improvisation is transcribed and partly re-played by the musicians, resulting in a tension between the re-presented presence and the present performance. Through this "translation" content is lost, but at the same time something different is illuminated.

Astrid M. Huvestad - video

Daniel M. Grønvold - guitar 

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