THU / NOV 8TH 7:30 PM
Amos Rex (Lasipalatsi square, Bio Rex)

Hans Gefors

Hans Gefors (b. 1952) has specialized in opera and vocal music. Christina at the Royal Opera was his breakthrough in 1986. Der Park (at the Wiesbaden opera 1992) was revived at Malmöoperan last May with great success. His fifth full-length opera Notorious (after Hitchcocks film) was premiered in Gothenburg in 2015. Gefors has also written song cycles, large pieces for choir and other music-dramatic works  He was the first professor in composition at Malmö College of Music.

Umi sono mono - for choir, electric guitar and percussion (2011)

This large choir piece in five movements for Eric Ericsson’s Chamber Choir was inspired by a few ecstatic passages from Yukio Mishimas novel The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea. It represents the moment of miracle that changes your life. The movements are 1) The Siren; 2) The Chamber; 3) The Boy is ready; 4) The Miracle; 5) The Holy Formula.