self portrait with timer

self portrait with timer

Amos Rex (Lasipalatsi square, Bio Rex)

Fredrik Gran

Fredrik Gran is an award-winning composer originally from Vällingby suburb in Stockholm, residing in Montreal for his doctorate at McGill University. His music and research intersects electroacoustic and acoustic sound ideas, employing mechanic/robotic interactive units, amplified instruments and objects, computer-assisted transcription of his own electroacoustic music and purpose-made electronic models into the notated sphere of acoustic instruments.

Vox Terminus - for ensemble and animated graphic score (2015)

Vox Terminus is inspired by optical art, constructed upon the basic geometric shape of a triangle. It is composed with polymetric patterns (inspired by the Euclidean algorithm) traveling through parallax effect (used as illusion of perspective in video games and computer graphics). The name can be translated both as ‘border noises’ and ‘noise limit’.


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