Kramer Kristensen

Kramer Kristensen

g livelab (yrjönkatu 3)

Christian Winther Christensen

Christian Winther Christensen is a Danish-born composer who works with score music and who has his own unmistakable style. He manifests himself as a completely contemporary composer pushing the boundaries, while at the same time relating to music history through quotations and intimations that comment on, create ironic distance, turn on its head and give new music a completely new dimension.

Four Hyper-realistic Songs for Quintet (2015)

This piece, composed for defunensemble, is an exaggeratedly clichéd piece of contemporary music. In fact it is a small salute to Finland which I like very much. You will hear the Finnish references especially in the last bars of the third and fourth songs. The work is based on a technique where the tape (behind every instrument) can only be heard when you play on the instruments.