Susanna Paronen

Susanna Paronen

G Livelab (yrjönkatu 3)

Asta Hyvärinen

Asta Hyvärinen has described her composition style with the term “surrealist-cubism”. This means the structures are based on the surrealistic (subconscious) process and the sonic details appear as cubistic. She uses also the term “whole tonality” which means equality of any kind of sounding material (chromatic, micro tonal, noises and any kind of unpitched sounds). Other important structural concept related to her music is “melodic contour”.

Tone Hazard - for electronics and five players (2012)

It is my first electro-acoustic composition. The piece was commissioned by defunensemble and it was premiered by the same group in Tampere Biennale, spring 2012. The original name of the piece was meant to be “Tone Hazard, a green piece”. Behind that was a little wordplay of the names Soininvaara (Finnish politician) and the Green Peace (environmental organization).