Anna Sigurdardottir

Anna Sigurdardottir

TEmppeliaukio church (lutherinkatu 3)

Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Anna Thorvaldsdottir frequently works with large sonic structures that tend to reveal the presence of a vast variety of sustained sound materials, reflecting her sense of imaginative listening to landscapes and nature. Her music tends to portray a flowing world of sounds with an enigmatic lyrical atmosphere. Anna is the recipient of the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize 2012 for her work Dreaming, and her oeuvre is frequently performed internationally.

Shades of Silence - for violin, viola, cello & piano (2012)

Shades of Silence was written for Nordic Affect, an Icelandic period instrument ensemble which also specialises in the performance of contemporary music, and first performed by them in 2012. It was subsequently recorded on the Sono Luminus label.

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